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3D Hull measurement


Hydrostatic and stability of a vessel are calculated on a 3D model. The 3D model data entry can be done using a lines plan, or a table of offsets. When these documents are not available, it is necessary to measure the lines of the ship’s hull.

3D measurement from an existing hull produces 3D models using a naval architecture modelling software. The hull form “digitizing” phase usually takes less than half a day.

We have already scanned more than a dozen of hull, on vessels up to 52 meters.
All our equipment can also be carried onto aircraft to surveys throughout France and even abroad. We have indeed already taken several hull measurements in Morocco, Italy …




Approximately 70,000 points for one side are ‘digitized” in less than 2 hours

Autocad file

After hull fairing on our MAAT HYDRO + software




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